Travel with Curiosity


Indy 500: 130 mph “Hot Lap”

Indy 500 "Hot Lap" speed

Ever curious what it feels like to go REALLY FAST? Say, 130 mph on the straightaway and 110 mph on the curve at Indy while riding a mere 2 feet from the wall? Watching the famed Indianapolis 500 race, racing driver wannabes wonder what it would be like to be travel so fast at the…

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

East sidewalk of the Golden Gate Bridge

Windy is the first thing that comes to mind when describing walking the Golden Gate Bridge. Walking on the bridge is a totally different experience from driving across the 1.7 mile bridge. The walk is scary, crowded, nerve-wracking, and ultimately exhilarating. We were staying at Cavallo Point – The Lodge at the Golden Gate, so…

Searching for Diamonds in Arkansas

more searching at Crater of Diamonds State Park

The thought of it was tantalizing enough to endure the nearly 100 degree heat. Finding a diamond of my own would be a unique and memorable experience. Panning for gold in Georgia and in Australia and searching for opals in Australia were memorable in their own right. But, a diamond? Even a tiny chip would…